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I missed 2012 entirely

that isn't like me.


1) Got Awesome new job.
2) Got Awesome new Niece.
3) Visited Curacao.

Aug. 21st, 2011

I don't have much to write, but I keep pulling up the internet like I have forgotten to do something. I don't have anything to do online. I don't have much of anything to do.

I would just like to say

that it is myyyy conviction.

I would just like to say, that I realize I was just as crazy as a teenage girl can be before they actually commit them.

Thank you for tolerating me and sticking with me until I became a dull adult.

Aug. 9th, 2011

Had an idea to read a Harry Potter book and then watch the corresponding movie. TTeeeerrrrible idea. The movies are soo much better when you dont remember anything from the books.

I like watching Harry Potter and In Bruges close together. It is fun seeing Mad-Eye and Voldemort play hitmen.

Loves GRRM

but not a Game of Thrones that is of course the HBO series. I like it; I just don't love it. I can tolerate the additions and the obvious "this needs to be changed" changes.

I mean why do you give Littlefinger so so many of The Hound's lines? AND have you EVER heard the phrase "show don't tell?" Because GRRM understands it. Why are you using Jorah to explain things that would take say five moments to show? I need to find the word for it but there is a phrase for the person that has to explain so the audience understands and the person who has to listen even though they should understand it the best. Audiences are so dumb.

But I like it. I just don't love it. But I do love GRRM. So it is ok.

A Kick in the Teeth is Good for Some

A kiss with a Fist is better than none.

Couldn't fall asleep. So I watched Episodes 12 and 13 of Shameless Series 8. Now to wait until August for the remaining 9 episodes. If I were British I might understand why the long pause, worse case scenario is that this is the final series. That would suck. But I could deal.

A Game of Thrones begins in 12 days. Exciting. Except I am going to spend the entire series bitching about the little things they change for NO APPARENT REASON. I understand not everything translates from books to real life as seamlessly as one can hope, however! let me point out - Will or Gareth. You have two characters that don't get names in your stupid intro except the fans know who they are. Their only purpose is to die. But really. Really? You had to flip who dies where? Why? Did the one actor demand more screen time? PAH.

Also, Why is Jon ... puffy, for lack of a friendlier term? Why don't Bran and Rickon have red hair? Why does Catelyn look so haggard right away? Why is Eddard puffy too?

And this is from 14 minutes and 3 seconds. 45 seconds of which was warning me that view discretion is adviced. Can you Imagine how I'll be when I see the full episode?

Cause I feel like I'm the worst

so I act like I'm the best.

Things I accomplished today that I am feeling pretty good about:
*Got auto insurance
*Enrolled for health insurance (coverage begins 1 Jan 2011)
*Outlined a monthly budget for Dec 2010 and beyond!
*Bought tickets to HP7:1

Things that make me not so fantastic:
*The amount of money it is going to take to register my car.
*Worrying that I might need to see a dentist/doctor before my insurance kicks in (I thought for sure my one of my wisdom teeth caused an infection - and it might have but I stamped it out with listerine and hydrogen peroxide)
*Looking at my monthly budget for Dec 2010 and beyond!
*Tickets to HP7:1 are in Omaha and I might have wasted $10 because I'm not entirely sure my original "date" will be able to make Omaha.
*What I am going to feed Sean and/or what I am going to have him do when I inevitably can't get anyone to cover my shifts at work.
*My job.

Things I need to accomplish that will cause me stress:
*Call my school loans and explain that I am too poor to pay them.
*Get the Crown Vic junk car removed!
*Call Gas Company & Landlord and tell them I don't care which one of them is being dumb they need to knock it off and get my God damned gas turned on. This shit gets cold.
*Cataclysm - preorder? Collectors? Digital? Reg?

Things that I am way excited for:
*Sean coming to NE for Thanksgiving.

Things that depress me more than anyone can fix:
*Not being able to be with my family on Christmas and not being able to afford Christmas decorations.

What if? What if I'm the one for you?

and you're the one for me? What if...

I dreamed of you last night. It broke my heart to wake up. If only I could dream forever.

I'm not your babe

I'm not your babe.

The world passes slowly out here. I kept thinking it was Monday when it was Sunday. I was drifting asleep on the couch and now I am awake.

I guess that's all.

You think no one understands.

No one understands.

My stomach is all urgley. Yes. Urgley. No good.

I have a hair appointment in a few hours and I have an interview later. I am tired but I can't sleep.

I think I am going to make some Rat Hammocks today. Possibly. Maybe.


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